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      Market Review on Pharmaceutical Sector in Malaysia 2017

      By: MyCC 2019.08.12

      Report Description

      The pharmaceutical sector has grown by an average annual rate of 8% over the last decade, reaching RM8.6 billion or 16.5% of total healthcare expenditure (RM52 billion) in 2016. Imported medicines at RM5.4 billion still account for the largest part (63%) of the RM8.6 billion pharmaceutical market, while exports are only RM0.7 billion. Generic medicines now account for 55% of the controlled (prescription) medicines market by value.

      The market structure of Malaysia’s pharmaceutical sector is characterized by a three-level supply chain, starting with manufacturers of generic medicines and importers of originator and generic medicines at the first level, wholesalers and distributors at the second level, and providers at the third level who provide medicines to patients and end users.

      Table of Contents

      PART ONE: Overview of Malaysia’s Pharmaceutical Sector

      Chapter 1: Overall Growth of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors 
      Chapter 2: Market Structure and Supply Chain 
      Chapter 3: Market Share and Market Concentration 
      Chapter 4: Market Dominance and Impact on Availability,
      Affordability and Accessibility of Medicines

      PART TWO: Competition Concerns in the Pharmaceutical Sector

      Chapter 5: Key Existing Laws and Regulations and An Assessment of Impacts 
      Chapter 6: Competition Concerns Among Industry Players 
      Chapter 7: Selected Case Studies on Anti-Competitive Conduct

      PART THREE: Conclusion and Recommendations

      Tables and Figures

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